Residential Services

New Home

New home construction is a big step in your life. Make sure you get only the top-quality services we can offer here at Levlup Studios.

Home Remodeling

Repurpose your space to meet your current needs at home for you and your family.

Home Improvements

Home improvement is our leading residential service. Levlup Studios can turn your interiors and exteriors into a luxury masterpiece.

Solar Panels

Reduce your monthly electric bill. We install off-grid solar setups based on your necessities.

Home Additions

Make your home feel like a staycation destination. Add pools and outdoor facilities, so you won’t have to go to other places for a relaxing vacation.

Kitchen Remodeling

We are experts in kitchen remodeling. Turn your kitchen into a 5-star one that your neighbors would envy.

Bathroom Remodeling

If your bathroom is a bit boring, we can provide you with a total makeover, turning your bathroom into a private spa experience.

Garage Conversion

Los Angeles area homeowners can convert their garages into livable square footage or separate living quarters that other people can rent to get passive income. Turn yours into a money-making space.


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